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I am grateful for the support of Representative Kris Lytton and Representative Jeff Morris.

Marching with the Fidalgo Democrats in the Anacortes 4th of July Parade.

I testified at the hearing in Seattle in Dec. 2012 with my friend, Montana rancher Clint McRae and Sierra Club representative Mike Scott about the impacts of coal trains on our rural agricultural areas.

We are "bullish" on Tom Pasma!

In 2009, I headed the fight in the legislature to pass SHB 1733 Property Tax Current Use Valuation Programs.

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Why I'm Running For Office

I care about fairness in government and that has to mean fairness in taxation. There isn't anything that affects every one of us as much as our property taxes. As a taxpayer, small business owner, and active volunteer in our community, I know how much our property tax bill impacts individuals and businesses. Taxpayers in Skagit County deserve to have confidence in the fairness and accuracy of their tax assessments. In 2010, approximately $100 million in new construction slipped through the cracks at the County Assessor's Office without being taxed. This cost the county and local districts about $160,000. Even after a scathing report by the state Department of Revenue, little has been done to fix the basic problems.

Taxpayers should know what is going on in local government – that's transparency. Residents should have someone who will listen to them – that's public accountability. The work of the Assessor's office should be done right – that's just good government.

Because elected office is a public trust, not a profession.

We're With Tom!

Tom with Dean Shelton, 10th District Representative, Washington State Council of Firefighters.